If you're looking for a coffee shop near Brevard but don't want to go miles out of your way, stop at Cedar Mountain Outpost. 


Drive through or stay awhile

Stay for the coffee shop vibes or take your coffee to go. Our baristas are trained to give you a consistently delightful brew, whether you choose a shot of espresso, a cappuccino, or a cup of drip coffee. And the drive-up window ensures you can get your drink without leaving your vehicle.


By starting with fresh, expertly roasted beans from Due South Coffee Roasters, you'll never have to endure bad gas station coffee again.

Good coffee starts with good beans

Roasting Day-4.jpg

The coffee you enjoy at Cedar Mountain Outpost starts with our partner Due South Coffee Roasters in Upstate South Carolina.

Well, actually---it starts with the sourcing relationships Due South has cultivated around the world. 

Roasting Day-14.jpg

With thoughtful roasting and friendly preparation, Due South Coffee Roasters has positioned itself as being approachable as well as excellent.

Taste the difference at Cedar Mountain Outpost, whether you choose a specialty drink or a simple brew.