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Fuel up without driving miles into town to the nearest gas station. Pump gas 24/7 with 87-regular and premium 90-non-ethanol gas, and pay at the pump with your credit card or WEX Fleet Card.

Conveniently located near Dupont State Forest, our gas station is ready to serve anyone coming or going in our neck of the woods.

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Fuel up near Brevard

If you live nearby, are traveling along Greenville Highway between Upstate SC and Brevard, or are planning a visit to Dupont State Forest, you know that the few gas stations are miles apart.


We've turned the pumps back on at the Outpost so you don't have to worry about your next stop for gas anymore.

free gas

Ethanol-free gas means you don't have to waste time (and gas) looking for a place to get the fuel you need. It's good for your gas mileage and good for your engine.

We offer both 87-regular and premium 90-non-ethanol gas.

outdoor sign: GAS pay at the pump Open 24/7

Open 24/7

With so few gas stations on Greenville Highway between Upstate SC and Brevard, you can't take a chance on a gas station being closed when you pull up.


Pump your gas at any time of day or night at the Outpost.

gas pump

Pay at the pump

There's nothing worse than pulling up to a gas station and realizing you have to pay inside.


At Cedar Mountain Outpost, pay at the pump with your credit card or work-issued Fleet Card and hit the road with a full tank of gas.

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